• To do fair and open trade with farmers and also with everyone visible in the process.
  • To produce the best quality of coffee, starting from the processing Raw coffee until the coffee is cooked.
  • To pay attention to customer satisfaction experience.
  • To take care and preserve the area around the coffee plantation.
  • To give and share knowledge not only to the people Coffee farmers but also for coffee lovers.
  • To direct purchases from coffee farmers, and also monitor in Each stage of coffee processing to produce coffee beans Quality
  • To provide coffee processing, warehouse and trading services.



  • Introducing to the world that Indonesian coffee is The best coffee in the world.
  • Focused on producing and selling the best coffee from Indonesia.
  • Being a trustworthy, committed and integrity partner, Together with investors / shareholders.
  • To bring into the world of coffee rightly and correctly.
  • To be a trusted partner and integrity for the people Coffee farmers.
  • To cooperate globally with coffee entrepreneurs.
  • To be participated in the world of coffee globally.



  • EPHRAIM COFFEE INDONESIA creates quality coffee
  • Doing best with highest grade and cup balance profile from coffee By directly coming to the source, this project we named  The Alpha Omega Project .
  • Fair and open trading process to maintain availability.
  • The soil is rich in biodiversity.
  • The height of the garden above 1200 mdpl for arabica coffee, 0 - 700 mdpl For robusta coffee.
  • There is a coffee plant shade.
  • The farmers are dedicated and enthusiastic
  • 100% organic farming method.


  • S.O.P and the training method we have is a combination of Experience EPHRAIM COFFEE INDONESIA together with Cafe's expertise.
  • Our training modules and methods are really up to standard and Rules of the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA).
  • With the work and training standard we have, it will present Best quality coffee drinks and minimize errors or Common mistakes that cafes do, including those Storage management issues.