In 1696, the Dutch brought coffee from Malabar, India, to Java. They cultivated the coffee plant in Kedawung, a plantation located near Batavia. But this effort failed because the plant was damaged by Earthquakes and floods.

In the mid-1870s, the Dutch Government expanded seed planting coffee to some archipelago outside Java which was also very fertile, that was Sumatra, Bali,Sulawesi and Timor. Coffee production from the islands Produced the world's top-rated coffee caf s to date, namely Coffee Sidikalang, Kopi Mandheling, Kopi Lintong, Gayo Coffee, Kintamani Coffee, Toraja Coffee and Flores Coffee.

In 1900, Robusta coffee seedlings were imported. Robusta coffee had endurance Against a variety of plant diseases and more easily cultivated, in addition The productivity of crops of Robusta coffee far exceeded that of Arabica. This thing Which made Robusta coffee growing quickly to replace coffee Type of Arabica, especially in areas with altitude below 1000 mdpl (Which Arabica coffee usually can grow), and starts spreading to All of Java, Sumatra, and the archipelago of East Indonesia.